STEP 01 is a techno radio show airing on CJAM 99.1 FM in Windsor-Detroit every Thursday 21:00 - 22:30

It is a platform to entice the Windsor-Detroit community to the dance floor, whether thats their living room or one of the many brilliant events in Detroit

STEP 01 mixes are based on Gin's evolving source of inspiration as well as artists playing the Windsor-Detroit region the weekend following each shows airing 




margins (series) 2016

Liberated, inspired, and challenged by dance floors in Detroit, Michigan;  Gin is currently developing a participatory series that will test the prospect of enhancing music induced enlightenment.  

Beginning December 2014 she began actively curating dancers from dance floors in Detroit.  Individuals who display an obvious freedom by virtue of music are invited to contribute to the development of the work .

Discussion and negotiation amongst each group of recruits will work to define paradigms for the execution of ideal environments for dancing.  

#ginebonymelt 2014 instagram series

Post dance floor self portraits

g-love-s  2013  found single gloves & gold string

Single gloves collected from the streets are re-assigned a partner, are  attached with gold string, and are re-placed on the street

 triple grandpa  2012  select mugs from personal collection

mastaba  2011  milk-crates & zip-ties  14' x 6.5'

Double layer of milk-crates; black on outside, coloured on inside

untitled (dance floor) 2010 outdoor installation

Disco ball + battery operated motor installed in outdoor claimed space

Own Rhythm (Play No Sound)  2009  life-size video projection without sound

A life-sized video installation of a choreographed dance routine, based on footage acquired from 24 participants. Roughly 10 seconds from each participants footage was used to choreograph an edited dance routine that the artist then learned. Two images play side-by-side on silent video; the artist in the first screen, replicating the movements of the changing dancers in the screen adjacent.   

Stop / Don't Stop  2009  disco-ball & sound on motion sensor

An installation consisting of a 4' x 4' taped of floor space which when movement is detected within its parameters,  activates a disco-ball, a light, and a sound-system. When the viewer leaves the space or fails to move their body enough, the work shuts itself off. Michael Jackson's 'Don't Stop Till you Get Enough' plays on repeat.

september-december 2008 uncensored  2009  agenda on pedestal

Artist's personal agenda on display. Many ambiguous names and list can be found, as well as personal notes to herself and others.

Me vs You vs You vs Me  2008, video installation with sound

Two towers face each other, each holding a speaker and a video screen.  A 42 second audio clip plays on loop. In one monitor is video footage of the artist dancing alone for the duration of the audio clip. The other monitor shows footage of her partner also dancing alone. Over-laid on the original footage, is footage of each person trying to identically replicate the dance moves of the other. Five separate attempts at dancing like one another are shown. 

untitled (Drawing Series)  2008   ink on paper

One of a series of sixty drawings of different couples cuddling

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